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Kajukenbo: The Instructors Manual

This is a reference book depicting Kajukenbo self-defense techniques and sets.

This is the most comprehensive coverage of Kajukenbo training methods to date.

There are more than 3000 gray scale photographs, 9" x 11"/240 pages.

The Instructors Manual includes the following:

Kajukenbo Kenpo Karate precepts and principles, Hawaiian martial arts timeline, 1950's and 1960's Kajukenbo black belts, 2016 list of 8th and 9th degree black belts, belt requirements through 3rd degree black belt, belt rank descriptions and titles, class formalities, stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises, stance, stepping, punch, strike, block, kick, joint-lock, choke and break fall techniques, punch, kick, block and joint lock drills, punch counters, tricks, grab arts, alphabets, club defenses, knife defenses, two-man defenses, kick defenses, throw combinations, roll and punch defenses, ground techniques, Palama sets, examples of one and two-man forms

Copyright 2016

Soft Cover ISBN #978-0-578-18514-9 $75.00 US
Hard Cover ISBN #978-0-578-18589-7 $125.00 US

KAJUKENBO The Instructors Manual